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Capricorn Zodiac Soap (Agave - Lime - Oakmoss)
This soap is an uplifting blend of oakmoss and fresh agave crafted to help anchor you and charge you with positivity.
Scorpio Zodiac Soap (Fig - Pomegranate - Jasmine)
A dark and mysterious floral blend of black fig, pomegranate, and jasmine. This soap is intended to stir your spirit and bring intensity back to your life.
Aquarius Zodiac Soap (Aloe - Clover - Lavender)
A peaceful blend of aloe, clover, and lavender. These scents swirl together to bring balance to your restless spirit.
Aries Zodiac Soap (Plum - Clove - Sandalwood)
A balanced and sexy blend of plum, clove, and sandalwood. This soap is intended to reconnect you with your intuitive spirit.
Sagittarius Zodiac Soap (Patchouli - Tobacco - Vanilla)
This soap is a sensual mix of patchouli, tobacco and vanilla is intended to expand your awareness of self and to enlighten your spirit to experience new ideas.
Leo Zodiac Soap (Yuzu + Peach)
A zesty and fruity blend of yuzu and peach. This soap is crafted with the intention to reignite your passions.
Virgo Zodiac Soap (Juniper - Sage - Blueberry)
This soap is an earthy blend of juniper, sage, and blueberry created with the intention to keep you grounded.
Taurus Zodiac Soap (Green Tea - Mint - Eucalyptus)
An aromatic blend of green tea, mint, and eucalyptus. This soap is crafted to reinforce your connection to nature.
Cancer Zodiac Soap (Aloe - Ginger - Agave)
This soap is a relaxing blend of aloe, ginger, and agave. These scents swirl together to bring a sense of stability and peace to your spirit.
Gemini Zodiac Soap (Champagne - Yuzu - Lemon)
A soothing blend of champagne, yuzu, and lemon. This soap is crafted to calm your spirit and to evoke inner peace and relaxing vibes.
Pisces Zodiac Soap (Sea Salt - Hyacinth - White Tea)
A refreshing blend of white tea, hyacinth and deep sea. This soap is crafted to bring renewing energy to your spirit.
Libra Zodiac Soap (Rose - Plum - Lemon)
A balanced blend of rose, plum and lemon. This soap is created with the intention to open your heart by bringing a sense of calm and light into your life.