Face Mask Holder - Arylic Tortoise

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It looks like face masks are here to stay, at least for the time being. Make the most of your face mask fashion with our Tortoise Face Mask Holder!

This face mask holder attaches to your mask's ear loops, making it easy to remember it wherever you go. Our Tortoise Face Mask Holder is stylish and helps keep your mask at arm’s reach rather than placing it in your purse, gym bag, car console, or putting it down somewhere and forgetting to pick it back up. Our Tortoise Face Mask Holder pairs flawlessly with our Noir Mask or any of our other beautiful colors.

Although our face masks are machine washable, the chains are not. Please clean by spraying or wiping with a disinfectant or cleaner. We cannot accept returns on face masks or face mask holders due to COVID-19. Face masks should be worn in conjunction with social distancing.